Village Naturiste du Cap d'Agde - Libertine Property

Centre Libertin R5 Village Group of 30 traders at your Service // Rental Apartments * Entertainment * Services * Club Dating ** Where you want, inside the village we have a large choice of apartment, if you have special requests or a zone preference. Simply write it in your reservation ** Organized by Fédération libertine ** Adults Only
The Rendez-Vous Swingers is open all year round on weekends and every evening from June 15 to September 15 "DATING" at Riad Cap d Agde 8pm/Midnight Ambiance Sexy Lounge in a sumptuous Oriental setting with aperitif-meetings, buffet, Dj Music, Pole Dance, Jacuzzi, Naughty Corner, Chicha Bar and Massage Therence ** After Midnight CLUBS-TOUR to Antoine Riad, during the day you can enjoy a Waiki Beach Access, Garden of Eden, Garden of Babylon with Pool Party the Wednesdays and Fridays, Private Beach Access Galion with Beach Party the Tuesdays and Sundays or Sea Exits THELOVEBOAT with Visit of the famous Bay of Pigs (Couple Only) ** Every day you can take your Breakfast 9am/Midday at the RiAD5 + in Season at the Garden of Babylon, the Garden of Eden and Waiki Beach ** To Restore we offer 18 RESTAURANTS inside the village, program available in all languages to your arrival.
"ALL INCLUSIVE" : Breakfast every day in the Riad or in season, access to Babylon or Eden Garden, Waiki Beach or Galion + You can eat in the 18 partner restaurants ** Sea Exit THELOVEBOAT with the visit of the famous "BAY OF THE PIGS" Only Couple ** The RENDEZ-VOUS of the Riad 8pm/MIDNIGHT Salon of sexy atmosphere in a sumptuous Oriental Riad with drink and tapas with music DJ, Pole dance, Jacuzzi, Backroom, Chicha Bar .** ADULTS ONLY
Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian